Why Olde Red?

Olde Red General Contracting, LLC brings the following attributes to this project:

  • Local – Local and proximate location to the job site and owner’s.
  • Relationship Oriented – Long-standing Construction Management + General Contractor experience, employee base and subcontractor relationships.
  • Resourceful – We have access to resources that satisfy all financial, bonding and insurance requirements.
  • Loyalty – A long history of well-established relationships with a variety of owners – Olde Red secures 95% of its work through negotiated, select bid or best value procurement, primarily with repeat clients.
  • On-time Delivery – Olde Red is proud of its record of the successful delivery of challenging projects with demanding schedules.  In its history and predecessor companies, the management teams at Olde Red have never been assessed liquidated damages for failure to timely complete a project.
  • Owner Satisfaction – Olde Red works closely with Owners and architects to ensure open communication and project delivery within the established time-frame and within the approved budget.
  • Value Engineering – Creative use of value engineering to create buildings that meet or exceed the minimal outline specifications and program requirements established by conceptual design package.
  • Environmentally Progressive – A respect for the environment and a commitment to minimize the environmental impacts of construction and create a facility with a high level of energy efficiency.
  • Experience – Proven experience with creating buildings that function cost effectively throughout the entirety of the building life cycle by utilizing energy efficient, cost saving products and methods and by providing a facility that does not require excessive maintenance costs over the building life.
  • Commitment – Ownership in the form of senior management is involved in all of our projects.  We communicate well, provide hands-on service and address issues quickly.