Our Methodology

Olde Red believes that successful construction management relies on close collaboration between the design entity and the construction entity from project inception to project turnover. The integrated approach improves quality control, controls project budget, and contributes to shorter delivery schedules.

The key to the integrated approach is the complete involvement of the construction entity in the design phase and the complete involvement of the design entity in the construction phase.

We assume that based on the Owner’s program that a total of three pricing efforts will be required, at the 35% or DD level, again at 50% CD’s and then at GMP or 100% for construction.

Trade packages will be rebid/re-evaluated as necessary if they are over budget. Olde Red will propose a Guaranteed Maximum Price based on the results of the bid openings and look to the partnership of the team to come to an agreement on the GMP.

Our Approach

We seek to get involved early in the design phase so that we can manage the project more efficiently, provide effective building solutions, and identify challenges early on to mitigate design changes after construction commencement.

This involves detailed pre-construction planning crucial to successful construction and on-time delivery, and allows the client and team a clear pathway to the bidding process, construction phase, and through to completion.

Olde Red provides a master schedule for the project that includes not only bidding, procurement, submittals, fabrication, and installation activities, but also design, permitting, and FF&E activities so that the team will have a complete schedule portrait of this project. The schedule may be cost-loaded and manpower-loaded to enable accurate monitoring of project progress and production of precise cash flow projections. The schedule will also indicate any long lead items enabling the team to develop fast-track procurement strategies if deemed in the best interest of the project.

Upon project award, Olde Red will assign a Construction Project Manager to the project. The Construction Project Manager acts as the primary point of contact between the Owner and the Contractor throughout the course of the construction of the project. His involvement from project conception to completion ensures seamless management of the project. Throughout the design phase, the Project Manager Coordinates information flow with the project team, develops and implements procurement strategies, manages the CPM schedule and administers all contractual paperwork.

Olde Red will generate a site utilization and traffic plan that includes locations for field offices, dumpsters, parking, material staging, temporary utilities, and access roads. Ingress and egress will be coordinated with the Va. Tech team to ensure safety and site security. Additional site utilization plans will be generated to reflect any phasing or logistical constraints.

At scheduled intervals, the Construction Project Manager reviews the design for constructability, updates the project schedule and confirms that the design is on budget.

Because of the contractor’s close involvement and coordination, certain long lead packages such as foundations or structural steel can be advanced ahead of the completed design and procured separately to accelerate the start of construction. With close coordination, this can be accomplished without sacrificing quality or compromising budget.

Olde Red’s experience as a Construction Manager will ensure a totally integrated design and construction team that will foster a dynamic design process, open communication and enhanced understanding of all the design issues, thereby ensuring design integrity from planning through construction.

The Olde Red team is extremely versed in the Guaranteed Maximum Price method of delivery and has all the tools to represent accurately and openly regarding the status of the project throughout the course of the purchasing and performance of the work.  If the owner desires, on routine intervals, Olde Red shall prepare and submit buyout logs that show the status of the purchasing relative to the agreed to GMP basis.  If there are contingencies included or carried inside of our GMP value, they will be managed separately and costs incurred or applied to these line items shall be approved by the Partnership prior to commitment.   If there are shared savings clauses in the contract, the Olde Red team shall work equally hard for the benefit of the Owner to maximize the savings thorough subcontractor procurement, while always ensuring a complete scope package is purchased.

The Olde Red team recognizes the partnership’s sensitivities to the Change Order process. By engaging a GC at the pre-construction phase, it will help our ability to write complete and detailed scopes of work that may include eventualities that are not explicitly expressed in the drawings. We can also work with subcontractors to ensure that their scopes of work are accurate and complete. When changes do arise, the pricing that we receive from subcontractors will be vetted and analyzed for completeness, for credits owed, and for appropriate markups PRIOR to submission to the partnership. Our goal in change order management is to ensure the owner that we have done our due diligence and that we are representing fair and actual cost impacts if and when changes in the scope of work occur.

Olde Red provides construction professionals with materials that contribute to construction methods that are compatible with sustainable development.

Our sustainable construction service is an integrated approach based on your project’s needs. We use innovative technologies and methods to achieve a balance between  building’s economic performances; social well-being; and environmental impact.